Forever S.I.T #1

For fifteen years I have been living with Situs Inversus Totalis.  Over these fifteen years I have had many experiences in music, sports, school, and life. In this post, I am sharing some of my personal thoughts and experiences living with SIT. 

Personal Views  

  • šLiving with this condition, has made me interested in the medical field and I want to be a doctor to help find a treatment for this condition. Also, I want to help those who have long term effects that are affecting their life.
  • šThis condition hasn’t really affected me mentally in any way but it has made me stronger and I am able to cope with the short term effects that I have as a result of Situs Inversus Totalis.
  • šPhysically, this condition has had minor effect. I have been able to participate in sports, feel fine and this condition hasn’t stopped me from doing any sort of physical activity such as running or soccer. I play soccer for school and I am able to keep up with all the running and playing. However, because of congestion and sinusitis, my breathing during running can be a little heavy and affect how I perform. 
  • Having this condition can make it difficult in everyday life, by having the constant cold or feelings of sickness but it is not impossible to overcome this and live a normal life. 

This condition has affected me and there are different effects for everyone who has it. However, it it not impossible to overcome this and live a normal life. I will always be living with this condition and there will always be new discoveries and experiences that will take place as a result of Situs Inversus.  

There are some things that you’ll never get over, but if you use all of your strength there’s nothing that you can’t get through.
— Sonya Parker